“genetic music”

One of interesting topics is so called “genetic music”, bases of which have been developed in Russia due to the study of symmetric features of the genetic code.

In coordination with the ISA, the Center holds annual international conferences “Music. Mathematics. Science.”

In the Conservatory the Center conducts monthly scientific and creative seminars in which in addition to the problems of musicology a great attention is focused to problems of symmetrology.Representatives of the Centre actively participated in the Symmetry Festival 2013, where they have organized a specialized international symposium “Symmetry and Music” (Delft, The Netherlands, August 2013; Viena, Austria, 2015,2016).

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Genetic music
Arboristica (fragment keys+solo) by Ivan Stepanyan
Bionica (fragment) by Ivan Stepanyan
Momentum by Ivan Stepanyan
Hic sunt Leones by Ivan Stepanyan
Petoukhov radio interview by Ivan Soshinsky
Sonata geneticae by Alexander Koblyakov Ivan Stepanyan
Exordium by Mihail Puchkov
vibrations by Ivan Soshinskiy
genetic_ringtone by Ivan Stepanyan
phono 1 by Ivan Soshinskiy
phono 2 by Ivan Soshinskiy
13-space by Ivan Stepanyan
55-space by Ivan Stepanyan
phono 3 by Ivan Soshinskiy
harps by Ivan Soshinskiy
read from chromosome 219842201.rat by dna-music Ivan Stepanyan
read from chromosome 460417302.brain.gbk by dna-music Ivan Stepanyan
read from chromosome roi by dna-music Ivan Stepanyan

Project details


Pentagramon is recognized as the innovative manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories on the base of genetic musical scales.

Genetic music

New set of keyboards, the «P-series», which gives the new musical possibilities and extends musical space.


Do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Dream big. Go forward.


These examples demonstrate some extended music possibilities on the base of natural genetic (fillotaxis/pentagram) music.


Extended courses: 1) Mathematics for biologists (Petoukhov’s matrix genetics / Stepanyan’s geometrobioinformatics) 2) Genetic guitar (rock) courses 3) Cello and other string instrument courses


Basics are: 1) Theoretical classes with mathematic and bioinformatic base 2) Genetic music solfeggio. 3) Algorithmic composition (Algorithmic composition for genetic music have much more degrees of freedom than usual music) 4) Reading music from DNA/RNA (sonification) 5) Musical therapy and medical applications

Educational courses and selling/renting music instruments. The more people will have access to our instruments the faster popularity of genetic music will grow and faster epoch of the genetic music industry will come. Courses for children’s educational centers 1) hearing recognition of 3-step pentagram scales (for smallest children) 2) hearing recognition of 5-step pentagram scales 3) hearing recognition of 8-step pentagram scales 4) hearing recognition of 13-step pentagram scales 5) hearing recognition of 21-step pentagram scales